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Download important ESOS overview guide

NOTE: ESOS Requirements

This is a government introduced scheme requiring large businesses to undergo energy audits to calculate their total energy consumption across all their industrial activities by December 2015. We at Torse will be able to help you through this process. See the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme page or download the ESOS summary document.

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Your Energy Procurement Questions

  1. How can Torse help you gain improved energy contracts?

    In an extremely volatile market with complex pricing models, securing the best business electricity and gas prices can seem like an impossible task. We search the ever competitive market to gain you the very best deals on your business energy. Given we place large number of contracts through the suppliers, they’ll often offer us better deals that they would an individual.

  2. Will I be cut off while transferring suppliers?

    No, there is no downtime. Switching suppliers means in actual fact you’re only changing your billing provider. The physical supply is provided by the distributor for your area and this cannot be altered.

  3. How long will the supplier transfer take?

    Generally the process takes 28 days to change suppliers. However, you often have to give 90 days’ notice to terminate the contract, our consultants will typically contact you 4-6 months before your contract end date.

  4. All sounds very sensible, how much will it cost?

    Torse is remunerated through the suppliers via 'contract placement fees'. At no stage will you be billed for Torse's procurement services, similarly at no stage is there a contract between Torse and our clients, all contracts remain with the chosen supplier(s).

  5. How can Torse help after switching suppliers?

    Torse continue to offer full support throughout the entirety of your supplier contract. We should be your first port of call if you have any energy related questions or queries. We aim to put an end to the notoriously bad customer service associated with the energy industry.

  6. I would like a green energy supply – can you help?

    Many suppliers are now offering different forms of green or renewable energy. Please speak to Torse should you wish to further understand how best to reduce your carbon footprint and start using green energy.

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